The Different Genres of Live Music in Long Island

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Lots of individuals perceive New York City as the world capital of music. Apart from the city, music also thrives in the rest of Long Island. Its counties are home to a number of performers of different genres. Artists have, and still contribute to psychedelic rock, indie, punk rock, and rhythm and blues. The continued growth of these genres gave rise to the number of live music venues in the area. Music aficionados can relish in the many options they have for live music in Long Island.

All live music venues offer different experiences to their patrons. Like the rest of the world, venues in Long Island feature many genres. Those catering to the contemporary party-going crowd often play tunes doing well on the charts. Others, however, showcase music for anyone with tastes which are more diverse. Many of these genres include the following.

Alternative and Indie

This music genre is one of the most popular in Long Island. This genre is particular to Suffolk County where local emo and hardcore punk enthusiasts keep growing in number. A few of the nationally recognized performers to come out of this area include Taking Back Sunday, The Dawning, and Enraged.

Churches, synagogues, and community centers frequently serve as venues for performers of this genre. These places make shows more affordable and really encourage a sense of community. Most local bands find a market and their music spreads to neighboring states such as New Jersey and Connecticut.


The ska scene in Long Island is one with an impressive following. Although its popularity was at its peak in the 80s and 90s, several local venues still showcase bands of the genre. A few of the popular acts to originate from the area include Catch 22 and the internationally known Young Rebel Goombas.

Pop, Rap, and Hip-Hop

There is no denying these three are the hottest of all genres today. Interestingly enough, many renowned artists have their roots in the island. Included in this are the likes of Grammy-award winning De La Soul, Ashanti, Pat Benatar and Mariah Carey. Other acts include Billy Joel, Debbie Gibson, Busta Rhymes, and Shaggy.

Venues for live music in Long Island

Much like the rest of the world, there are many venues for live music in the area. Here are a few of the things to watch out for to ensure a great night out whether it's with family or friends.

Acoustics and Concert Capability

Bear in mind that music is an experience. This aspect is very important and helps make the experience more fun. In light of this, the venue ought to have good acoustics. It should also have the capacity to support concerts of any genre. This means there should be built-in technologies including state-of-the-art microphones, amplifiers, and speakers. Proper sound and lighting equipment is really important to guarantee the complete experience for everybody in the venue.


Most of all, the location needs to be accessible. It must be in a place where audiences could easily get in and out. Access to transportation is one thing to consider, especially because most events happen at night. Furthermore, live music venues should be in a commercial establishment where events can last until at least two in the morning.

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The Different Genres of Live Music in Long Island

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The Different Genres of Live Music in Long Island

This article was published on 2012/02/27