Sony Acid Music Software No Good?

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Producing music incorporates some of the deepest intangible parts of the mind known to man. The resulting intricacy of music creation, while intriguing and challenging to some, is overwhelming and impossible to most amateur or newbie music making hopefuls.

The average beat developer can be intimidated by the amount of complexity associated with beat making software programs. Consequently, the problem comes down to designing a program that is easy enough for anyone to pick up and learn right away, while at the same time leaving space for the creativity of the artist to show through.

Sony Acid Music has found a way to bridge the gap between the real complexities and the over-simplification of beat design. For example, Sony Acid Music offers 3000 different loops automatically molded to the exact key and tempo of your existing project. At the same time, the program gives the user the power to do detailed editing and break up the samples into smaller parts, rearranging them and fine tuning them for personal flavor.

The software program also allows the user to set the volume level and record live any vocals or acoustics. These recordings can be easily integrated with pre-existing samples on the program having the keys and tempos adjusted along with them.

Unfortunately for Sony Acid Music Studio, its MIDI editing facilities are not as well developed as those of competitors. And Since todays beat design producers have a very good variety of virtual instruments, Sony Acid Music Studio takes a big hit, due to their lack of variety of virtual instruments as well as the poor MIDI editing facilities.

The program actually comes equipped with 24-bit recording and was originally going to be used for the more deluxe Acid Pro. However, the program offers no obvious way to find out how to change the settings or why it would be important to make the change. As a result, most users will not even notice that the 24-bit feature even exists, leaving them stuck under the 16-bit default settings. (Turns out the way to change these settings can be found behind one of the tabs in the Project Properties box).

Another big let down with Sony Acid Music Studio is the lower sound quality it produces. This is caused by an algorithm that shifts the pitch and stretches the time within the music. So if you were to stretch loops anything more than a smidge then you are going to hear gurgling defects within the sound. The good news is there is a higher quality algorithm written within the program but it only works better with the longer recordings. Overall, despite the user friendliness and versatility Sony Acid Music Studio beat maker provides, the flaws it retains along with the higher price tag do not make it among the top choices for beat making software programs. One would likely be better off sticking with an industry leader such as the affordable, yet effective DubTurbo.


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Sony Acid Music Software No Good?

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Sony Acid Music Software No Good?

This article was published on 2013/04/22