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Music on Hold, or MOH, is music a caller listens to while waiting for the call to be answered or completed. It is often played while a caller is waiting the call to be answered and customer service offered. MOH can usually be integrated into the phone system itself. Advancements in technology today allows the music as well as any spoken messages to be changed often, even daily if wanted.

Another choice is to have a local radio station played directly into the phone line. This is a simple, easy solution, but obviously doesn’t allow for any choice in what is being played. MOH CD’s are also available, and can be produced with a voice-over telling the caller their call is important, their call will be answered in the order it was received, or please stay on the line.

Besides being entertaining or relaxing or merely enjoyable to a listening customer, on hold music can also get a desired message to a captive audience. Products, services, and information can be offered during the listening/waiting time while on hold music is being played.

When a potential customer calls and a receptionist is not able to come to phone right away, the type of music a customer listens to while on hold is very important. You want them to enjoy their listening experience, but you also want them to look forward to completing the call. On hold music may have a great impact on potential or returning customers.

The music the callers and customers listen to should reflect the business they are calling about. There is a great variety of music genres available, a list of choices that can offer the best choice in music, the more appropriate for each particular business or service. That is why it is so important to know what kind of music will be the best, what mood should be conveyed, what ideas are going to be promoted.

Some of the choices for Music on Hold are light and relaxed easy listening jazz, melodious guitars chords with harmonious strings in the background, a simple piano melody, or even the new-sound synthesizer music with a modern techno sound. The caller can also be given the option of making a choice not to have music on hold play while they are waiting.

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On Hold Music

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On Hold Music

This article was published on 2011/12/15