Midi Music Festival, a vibrant musical showcase

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The extravagant Midi Music Festival held in the environs of Beijing has consolidated its place as China's biggest and most acclaimed music festival. Since its inception in 1997 the festival has attracted vast numbers of aficionados of modern music in China. It has featured recognized foreign acts as well as the leading purveyors of local contemporary music, establishing a reputation for quality music, excitement and a vibrant atmosphere. The main genre is pulsating rock music of various forms, but there is also electronic and folk music on offer.


In the past this exuberant musical fiesta has featured such renowned international acts as Kava Kava, Dave Stewart, Shadows Fall, Soulfly, Loudness, Kyte, Finntroll, The Agonist and many others. The hottest names on the Chinese rock circuit are also on the cards, with such acclaimed names as Wang Yong, Tang Dynasty, Voodoo Kung Fu, 2Nd hand Rose, Yaksa and Suffocated just to name a few. In addition to committed rock metal bands there is also a multitude of music in other genres, including dance specialties in the form of live performers as well as DJs. Spectators can groove to disco-house, tribal electro, progressive techno, dub-step and the best in China's contemporary electronic scene.


The atmosphere at the festival is vibrant, raucous and exhilarating promising great fun for all who arrive at the venue. Local rockers, punks, hippies, ravers and metal-heads converge at the venue, along with individuals of more conventional denominations.


The show for 2011 promises to be more glamorous than ever with the well-known band Mr. Big, which has an international following, in the spotlight. A recognized hard rock/ pop rock outfit, Mr. Big released numerous hit songs across a variety of styles including blues rock, heavy metal and ballads. Having their inception in 1988, the band featuring vocalist Eric Martin, bassist Billy Sheehan, guitarist Paul Gilbert and drummer Pat Torpey carved a niche for themselves with their powerful songs featuring strong vocal harmonies. There can be no doubt that the Midi Music Festival 2011 will be better than ever.


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Midi Music Festival, a vibrant musical showcase

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This article was published on 2011/04/27