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Music has been one of the most favorite arts of humans since many centuries. In the old days there were only music artists who sang songs either solo or in groups. In the bands, the artists write the songs and lyrics, give the tune and rhythm, and even play the instruments and sing all by themselves. Most of the latest music news is about the different music bands all over the world.

Different bands:

There are many types of music bands like rock, hard rock, country rock, hip hop, classical, punk, instrumental, metal, heavy metal etc. According to many music lovers, the Beatles is the best music band of all time. Other bands which are also considered legendary are U2, the Rolling Stones, and Bon Jovi etc. The bon Jovi’s new album consists of some of the best newest music releases.

English bands:

Some of the most popular bands of England are the English Beat, Godflesh, Editors, Duran Duran and many more. One direction is an English teenage band. This band, of five English teenage boys, always makes headlines in the latest music news. There are also many bands in the capital city of London. Some of these are Bush, Kate Bush, Busted, Fight Star, The Fades, The Faces, etc. However the most famous band of London is undoubtedly Iron Maiden. This band has created some of the best new music of heavy metal. This American boys’ band was formed in 1993. The songs of this band consist of a few of the best newest music releases.

Popular heavy metal bands:

Heavy metal bands are the most popular type of band. Accept, Angels, The Angel Witch is all world famous heavy metal bands. Dust, Bitch, Europe Fist, Fallout are the names of the some of the other popular heavy metal bands.  The songs of these bands consist of the popular best new music all over the world.

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Latest music news: mostly about music bands

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Latest music news: mostly about music bands

This article was published on 2013/07/22