Justin Bieber Is Going Country

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Teen sensation Justin Bieber has exploded on the music scene. In the past he has leaned more towards a pop musical direction, with a little hip hop thrown in for good measure. But could the teen heartthrob make a transition into country? Could “Bieber Fever” go country? You can find all of Justin’s music on internet radio.

The lead singer of “Rascal Flatts”, disclosed the news in his interview with country radio station WSIX. “Justin asked us to duet with him on his next record. It is truly a great work! Justin is extremely talented. He plays five or six instruments really well.”

Past musical collaborators with Justin Bieber have been Diddy, Drake, Ludacris, and Kanye West. So it pretty obvious that Justin likes hip hop. Will this change work? Most believe so, as Justin already has a large fan base that is likely to extend into the realm of country as well. Originally followed primarily by teenage girls, Justin’s fan base has spread due to his partnerships with other artists.

Bieber confirmed that he and “Rascal Flatts” were collaborating by confirming this on a statement put out on his Twitter account. It has been reported that Justin, personally contacted regarding a possible collaborative effort. Justin then provided a link to one of his fan videos that had a “Rascal Flatts” song playing as background music. Obviously Bieber fans are excited for any new music by the Canadian, let alone a duet with another popular group such as “Rascal Flatts”, who have been heavy hitters in the country pop genre. You can find the music of “Rascal Flatts” on internet radio.

The singer is indeed working on new music for a new record. Last Sunday it was reported that Beiber was seen at Diddy’s New York recording studio working on tracks for a new album. Justin tweeted of how he “missed the recording studio” and how he made some “great records tonight.”

Justin has been on a whirlwind tour subsequent to the release of his highly successful album last year entitled “My World”

The name and date of launch of the song have to be released yet. Justin has mentioned, that his voice is changing as he advances in age and this will be evident in his latest works and live performances. Of course this is a normal occurrence and is expected as he gets older.

“Some of the notes I hit on ‘Baby’ I can’t hit anymore. We have to lower the key when I sing live.” Although I am sure in the future, Justin Bieber will continue to hit the right notes for his fans, which hold they’re breath awaiting his forthcoming release, still untitled as of press time.

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Justin Bieber Is Going Country

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This article was published on 2010/12/26