Indian Classical Song is Purely Based on Raga

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In hindus traditions Vedas are the oldest scriptures and the origins of Classical Indian music. This music has also united with Indian folk music. Out of four Vedas Samveda depict music atlength. Natyashrastra was the first piece of writing on the basic rules of Music. It is marked by complexity and richness of details. And characterized by expression. In Indian, classical music devides by rhythmic group of eight lines of verse. Just like Western music (classical) it also has 12 semitones, 7 basic tones like – Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa. Indian classical music consisting of a single melodic line , which is played with determination and and unchanging intonation.

Carnatic music is a form of Indian Music. Which is considerd as a one of the oldest music in the world. It is very composite system of music. Its calls for variation of thought in technically and artistically. Ragas and taals are used as a base of Carnatic music. In this form of music it must have maximum three verities of each note of the practise. Two base notes Sa and Pa are the only exception. It has very direct content of spiritualism. Beautiful combination of beauty and service constituent has made it sinful and devious. The basic idea of Indian song has been to dedicate the ultimate Man , The Bramhin or The God. It has been told in Hindu Drama that Music is the first and the best way to convey all the regard towards the ultimate One. Infact, in hindu darma it seems God and song both are the main part of a single portrait. Many God have their own specific songs and musical instruments. And it believes that, it’s a sign in love of music. The Nada or cosmic music is considered as a first form of music which is concreted form to an abstruct concept by Lord Shiba os Rudra.

Indian classical music mainly found in north pole of India. It is based on Khyal and Dhrupad , these are main forms of Indian Music. But , there are various type of classical and semi-classical forms. Indian classical music is very much influenced by Persian music. In this music- Tansen , Kesarbai Kerkar, Roshan Ara Begum, Kishori Amonkar, Bhimsen Joshi, Amir Khan, Bade Gulam Ali Khan – these are the notable vocalist.

There are lots of similarities like style of presentation and Ragas. Such as - Hijaz bhairab , Bhairabi , Bahar , Aman. Indian music has also absorbed various tunes of folk music. Kafi and Jaijaiwanti these ragas are based on folk tunes. Tabla and drums are most important instrument to maintain proper rhythm. Another very common and useful instrument is stringed tanpura. Which is continuously played throughout, when raga is performed by someone. The performance basically starts with a slow painstaking detail. It can take 8-10 minutes to 30-60 minutes. Time is purely depends on raga. Once raga is accomplished, gradually circumstances become rhythmic and instruments racing up with vocal performance. This session called jor in instrumental performance and drut in vocal performance.

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Indian classical music performance must based on melody of specific raga and rhythm of exact taals. As researching on raga is on center, because of that raga is traditionally performed my single singer or solo singer. But, duet performances are more popular than solo performances.

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Indian Classical Song is Purely Based on Raga

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Indian Classical Song is Purely Based on Raga

This article was published on 2011/11/10