How to Prepare a Professional Demo Reel For 3D Animation Jobs Or Interview

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One of the most important possessions you can obtain during your animation training is your Demo reel.

Your demo is a taped journal of what you have done since you have been in training. All those long hard projects you worked on should be contained on this reel. Nothing would be more disheartening then to produce an excellent project and have nothing to show for it. The demo reel is a demonstration of what your capabilities are. This is what you are going to use to introduce yourself to future employers or even get your work distributed.

Having said this do not get into the mode where every little thing you do must remain on your demo tape. Thinking that the more you have to show the better, it will be for you. Prospects looking at your demo do not have hours to sit there and review your work; in fact, they may give you about three minutes of their time. These professionals know exactly what to look for in a budding 3D animator. That is all the time they need to see if you have some potential that interests them. So now, you have to think of it like preparing a 3-minute speech and having to get your point across in that time.

Know the limitations for the demo reel that is acceptable. If a potential employee wants to see your demo then find out the time range. Is it between no less than 2 minutes and no longer than 3? By knowing, this it will give you an edge when preparing it. You know you must get the most important aspects of what you do within the time allotted.

Often producers of demo reels are reluctant to use soundtracks. They just do not want to do anything that could potentially go wrong for them and reduce the quality of the demo reel. It is important to get past this way of thinking. Putting your animation to music is like putting the "icing on the cake". Therefore, not only applying music but also your choice of music is critical. The music alone could ruin your efforts, but not having music can cause the same effect.

Study your music choices. Remember you must work it into the specific period as well. So you must be able to edit it so you can make cutoff points that are acceptable and do not leave the listener hanging in the air. It is much easier to do this with instrumentals as opposed to vocal. It is important to marry up the music with the content of your animation. They really need to complement each other to make the final piece complete. Do not allow your music to overpower your animation. Remember when you are using someone else's music you run the risk of copyright infringement.

It would be a good idea to research copyright options and what steps you can take to keep yourself within the legal range. After all, you do not want to ruin a perfect demo reel by having a copyright lawsuit against it.

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How to Prepare a Professional Demo Reel For 3D Animation Jobs Or Interview

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This article was published on 2010/04/02