How To Make Epic Hip Hop Beats

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Hip hop music speaks from the soul. It is emotionally packed, and it is a method for carrying a strong message. Because of this, hip hop music tends to have muted instrumentals because it is often the singer which delivers the majority of the tune. But the music needs to speak for itself, you need to build the emotion into the music itself so that, even without the singer, the music will deliver a punch of a message.

Use the right sound
The right sound may not be what you're expecting. I remember speaking to a guy at a Barnes and Noble once about hip hop music. He told me that he had a buddy which had made a beat out of the sounds of a hump-back whale. A truly unique beat if I ever heard of one! 
Your beat doesn't need to be limited to just drums. You have a fantastic chance to use all kinds of percussion, and you should use them. Allow your ideas to flow and create truly unique sounds. Use things like soda cans, glass bottles, metal doors, and more to bring in sounds which add a whole new dimension to the sound of your music. You don't want to be just like the next guy, you want your beats to be unique. So use unique tools to get the job done.
Build it with software
Using a beat generation software is not something to be frowned upon. Coupled with some creative thinking, the right software can boost your speed and ability to work unhindered. I had trouble making the best hip hop beats before I started doing it with software because I wasn't being hindered by my own clumsy drumming skills. I also could throw together a beat anywhere I brought my laptop.... Something which has come in handy many times.
Software also allows you to package it up, record your voice over, and then prep it for production. You want to get your tunes out there so make sure that your software allows you to use the best quality as possible. If the software makes the music sound bad, then you will sound bad. Conversely, if the music gives you that high fidelity grunge sound, then you'll knock it out of the park!
Let the emotion flow
Don't think too hard about things when you're creating your hip hop beat. You need to think about these things, but the music must flow naturally. Build the beat and make it part of yourself and your emotions. The very best hip hop music is very emotionally charged. So the more you throw yourself into your beats, the better that they are going to sound, no matter what instruments or software that you use to develop them. 
It is important to remember this or else you'll end up with fake sounding music. Even the top hip hop artists are very invested in their music and you can see that when they sing. Thats probably why they got to the top of the industry as well. Passion can go a long way!
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How To Make Epic Hip Hop Beats

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This article was published on 2012/02/04