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To talk about any Bollywood movie, one thing that makes an impression on the audience is the music. People get attracted to watch a movie by their songs and music. They form a very important part of every movie. These songs can either be demanded by the script or story or can be just an added attraction to woo the audience.  And today’s movies not only have Indian songs or Hindi songs, they have flavors from Pakistani and Indian pop. Ghazals and qawali are also featured in the mainstream movies. In olden times, Bollywood movie was considered incomplete without a qawali. Likewise, 1980’s was an era, where Ghazals were a prominent part of a movie. Now with a growing tradition of having remix songs, the yester years song popularity have faded. You now get to hear only in minority Ghazals and qawali in today’s releases.

Pakistani music was never very popular in Bollywood except a few singers from there who made a mark in this industry. They are popular because of sheer talent and because of the nationality that they hold.  To strengthen Indo- Pak relations, many musicians and bands have been a part of the Indian music industry.  In fact, Sufi music is their introduction to the Bollywood industry. Fusion music was a contribution because of amalgamation of these two genres. This help in blending all the music from various forms into one.

Ghazals and qawali are mainly a mark of Pakistani singers, but it has been well accepted by the Bollywood music industry. Only because the new singers coming up cannot match the talent of the earlier singers, that this genre is not catching up so much attention in today’s music world. Nevertheless, the technicians try to create the same magic with the help of technology. Still, the hardcore fans of Ghazals and qawali would rather listen to masterpieces created by the original singers of this genre.

Lately remixes of popular numbers of yesteryears has seen a diminishing fan following because of loud and techno beats mixed to classics which lead to anger and criticism. But the trend says that it is still popular amongst the young generation. 

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This article talks about the never heard before genres of Bollywood music industry.  Hindi Ghazals and  Ghazal singers are in demand. .

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Bollywood Music: Never heard genres

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Bollywood Music: Never heard genres

This article was published on 2012/04/03