Acoustic Tablature Vs Sheet Music

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Acoustic tablature is now the preferred method for reading guitar music among almost everyone that plays guitar today. Even among the classically trained, who use sheet music, becoming familiar with tablature has almost become a necessity. It's like being able to interpret something in two ways.

As a beginner to guitar you've probably tried looking up specific songs on the internet, and discover them to be laid out in tablature. Rarely will you see them in sheet music form, if you find them in that form at all. It is almost impossible to learn any song these days on the internet if you do not understand what tablature is, or how to interpret it.

Acoustic tablature, guitar tablature or 'guitar tabs' for short, is pretty easy to learn. Getting used to it is another, though it's not impossible. I would compare it to learning the controls on a video game controller. At first you will find yourself stopping and looking at your hand, making slow progress. But after a few hours, or days, your fingers become to 'think' intuitively. It's a matter of hand-eye coordination.

If you're used to sheet music, it might be a little less intuitive, like having to unlearn something. But it doesn't mean you can't. A lot of classically trained musicians can make the adjustment pretty easily. You don't have to UNLEARN reading sheet music. Acoustic tablature should just be considered an additional skill, not a replacement. It is however, an additional skill that comes in very handy in todays online music searches.

It's not really a question of which one is better, tabs or sheet music. It's a matter of what's more is more likely to show up when you're looking up chords for your favorite song. Sheet music is good for classically trained musicians, but tabs are more practical and easier to come by.

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Acoustic Tablature Vs Sheet Music

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This article was published on 2010/04/03